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Girl power on The Good Wife.

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Problems? Hire Kalinda!


Problems? Hire Kalinda!

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aw yiss another bitch intimidated by my mad sex skillz. ooh coffee!

and then she seduces the coffee

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Lukki käveli mun naamalla! MISTÄ VITUSTA NIITÄ TULEE???

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TEN DAYS OF TV | 9 characters you love | Kalinda Sharma

‘So you’re not a cop?’
‘And you’re not with campus police?’
‘So who are you?’


TEN DAYS OF TV | 9 characters you love | Kalinda Sharma

‘So you’re not a cop?’


‘And you’re not with campus police?’


‘So who are you?’


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  •  1. What was the last time you felt truly alive and way?
  •  2. Which kind of coffee do you prefer?
  •  3. What was the last album you bought?
  •  4. Amazing sexual relationship without love or fairytale love without sex?
  •  5. Would you rather go on a luxurious trip to NY or a adventurous on to the Amazon?
  •  6. Favorite literary character?
  •  7. Your first childhood memory?
  •  8. If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life that would be?
  •  9. Heels or flats?
  •  10. Describe your room?
  •  11. Your hidden talent?
  •  12. Your type of boy/girl?
  •  13. Would you change your life for somebody else’s?
  •  14. Do you have a motto you live by?
  •  15. If you had a working time machine where would you go?
  •  16. Your dream job?
  •  17. Describe yourself using only three word.
  •  18. Favorite toy while growing up?
  •  19. Do you have a bucket (wish) list)? If yes what’s on it?
  •  20. What changed your life?
  •  21. What languages do you speak?
  •  22. Which superhero do you like the most and why?
  •  23. Most exciting experience in your life?
  •  24. What do you think do people consider you strange?
  •  25. Have you ever done anything illegal?
  •  26. Have you ever tried any extreme sports?
  •  27. Do you think is it the same thing to fall in love with someone and to love someone?
  •  28. When was the last time you watched a documentary?
  •  29. Who is the person you are most afraid of?
  •  30. What makes you heart beat really really fast?
  •  31. If you could would you ever kiss your dream crush?
  •  32. Did you ever have a movie moment in your life?
  •  33. Of whom are you thinking about right now?
  •  34. Are you a morning person?
  •  35. How have you learned of tumblr?
  •  36. Are you waiting to hear of that special someone?
  •  37. Do you love being a center of attention?
  •  38. Do you think something is really wrong with you?
  •  39. The stupidest thing you ever did?
  •  40. Do you think you could kill a person?
  •  41. Would you rather live in a big or a small city?
  •  42. Are you a patient person?
  •  43. Did you ever had to use some kind of sedative?
  •  44. Do you ever miss Him/Her so much that you think your chest is gonna explode?
  •  45. Your worst nightmare?
  •  46. A song that you can relate to?
  •  47. When was the last time somebody really disappointed you?
  •  48. Name a job you could never do?
  •  49. What was a last time you were in love?
  •  50. Who do you want to hug right now?
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how cute

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